Achromatic Off-Axis Paraboloids Suitable for Broadband Applications

Achromatic Off-Axis Paraboloids Suitable for Broadband ApplicationsOptical Surfaces Ltd. reports that its Off-Axis Paraboloids are particularly suitable for broadband and multiple-wavelength applications thanks to their completely achromatic performance characteristics. Continue…

Optical Surfaces Limited are a UK based company supplying the world with optical components and instruments. We specialise in large optics, beam expanders, collimators and prototypes, plus custom systems and optics.

Over the last 50 years – Optical Surfaces Ltd has established itself as a leading international manufacturer of top quality, high precision optical components and systems. We have contributed to many major projects worldwide involved in areas such as:
• fundamental physics   • astronomy   • space   • defence and the environment

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Precision Mirrors for Cutting-Edge Plasma Physics Research

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has collaborated with the Institute of Plasma Physics & Lasers at the Hellenic Mediterranean University (Rethymno, Crete, Greece) to develop high quality customised optics, including off-axis parabolic mirrors, as key focusing elements for their 'Zeus' 45 TW ultrashort laser pulse system. The Institute of Plasma Physics & Lasers (IPPL) is internationally renowned for its cutting-edge research in areas including laser matter / plasma interactions, pulsed power generated plasmas ...

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Optimised Mounts for Wedged Back Mirrors

Optimised Mounts for Wedged Back Mirrors

Optical Surfaces Ltd has launched a new mounting system that provides a highly stable platform for wedged back off-axis parabolic mirrors. Off axis parabolic mirrors can be produced by two distinct methods, as a standalone single optic or from a parent on-axis paraboloid. Produced by the parent method, wedged back off-axis paraboloids can be very accurately centred. In addition, the back of the wedged back off-axis parabolic mirror can be polished ...

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Large Output Beam Expander Optics for Interferometric Testing

Optical Surfaces Ltd is a manufacturer of large output beam expander optics enabling interferometers to be used for testing of large optical flats up to 600mm in diameter. Large output beam expander modules from Optical Surfaces comprise an air-spaced lens doublet input coupled to a large spherical lens to increase the diameter of a collimated input beam (50 – 100mm) to a larger output beam (300 – 600mm).Designed to deliver low ...

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a Zinc selenide spectrograph prism

Spectrograph optics for Space applications

Optical Surfaces Ltd is a leading provider of high precision optical components for terrestrial and spaceborne telescope spectrographs. Spectrographs are the 'go to' scientific instruments used to study the chemical / physical conditions that exist through a cross-section of space. Combined with a terrestrial or spaceborne telescope a spectrograph can reveal the details that are stored in the spectral distribution of light from a distant star or galaxy. Instrument performance matters in ...

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Easy-to-use, high stability Optical Mounts

Optical Surfaces Ltd. offer a range of optical mounts designed to mechanically support parabolic, spherical, and flat mirrors from 100 to 600mm (4 to 24 inches) in diameter. Employing high precision optics in applications where optical stability is critical is pointless unless they are positioned with absolute precision and stress-free. To fulfil this need, Optical Surfaces designed the OS Series of optical mounts to overcome the ease of use and poor ...

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