Off-Axis Paraboloids Enhance Laser Power Density

Enhance Laser Power DensityOff-axis parabolic mirrors can be a useful tool in optical design. OAPs combine the achromatic and diffraction limited imaging properties of a parabolic mirror with the ability to deviate the light path off-axis, which is useful for most imaging systems. OAP’s offer the ability to focus collimated light without introducing spherical aberration. Continue…

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Over the last 50 years – Optical Surfaces Ltd has established itself as a leading international manufacturer of top quality, high precision optical components and systems. We have contributed to many major projects worldwide involved in areas such as:
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Primary Focusing Mirrors for Petawatt Laser Beamlines

Primary Focusing Mirrors for Petawatt Laser Beamlines

Ultra-high precision off-axis paraboloids from Optical Surfaces Ltd. are being used to maximise power density at the focus of Petawatt laser beamlines run by world-leading, high-power laser research groups including ELI, LULI and CLF Rutherford as well as a growing number of academic centres of excellence. Off-axis paraboloids, also known as off-axis parabolic mirrors, are the focusing element of choice for high-power laser research groups because they offer the advantage of ...

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Schematic of a device using an FOCP to couple light onto an image sensor

Highly Efficient Fibre Optic Channel Plates

Optical Surfaces Ltd reports how it is machining and polishing high precision Fibre Optic Channel Plates (FOCP) for an X-ray shielding application. Fibre Optic Channel Plates are widely used as optical devices to replace optical lenses because they require no focusing distance making them an ideal component when creating a compact optical device. Comprising a bundle of micron-sized optical fibres - FOCP are used as a lens to transmit light or ...

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A large diameter reference optical flat being quality tested

Large Diameter Reference Optical Flats

Optical Surfaces Ltd, a leading supplier of high precision reference optical flats to leading research establishments and national standards laboratories worldwide, reports on growing demand for larger (350 - 600mm clear aperture) diameters. Working with materials including ClearCeram®, Fused Quartz and Zerodur® in their unique thermally stable manufacturing environment - Optical Surfaces Ltd. is able to routinely achieve a surface accuracy of up to lambda/20 peak-to-valley and surface roughness of 10 ...

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New Polishing Technique Improves Finesse of Fabry Perot Etalons

New Polishing Technique Improves Finesse of Fabry Perot Etalons

Optical Surfaces Ltd. reports on the development of a new polishing technique that has been shown to reproducibly improve the spectral filtering capability (finesse) of Fabry Perot etalons. For over two decades - Optical Surfaces has supplied precisely matched Fabry-Perot etalon pairs to Table Stable Ltd. (Mettmenstetten, Switzerland) for use as a key component in their ultra-high-resolution JRS Series interferometers. Operating in a uniquely stable manufacturing environment, Optical Surfaces is able to ...

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Mosquito 2D flight patterns

Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors Assist Accurate 3D Flight Tracking

Optical Surfaces Ltd has been selected by the Optical Engineering Group at the University of Warwick (UK) School of Engineering to supply key focusing optics to enable accurate 3D tracking and analysis of mosquito flight behaviour. The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded research project at the University of Warwick will utilise large field-of-view digital holography for accurate 3D tracking of mosquito flight in an elongated flight chamber. ...

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