Optical Surfaces Ltd. is a leading supplier of laser debris shields (also known as protective windows or cover slides) to protect target-facing optics located in high-power laser facilities.

Laser Debris Shields

Laser debris shields help prevent damage to the focusing optics in laser beam delivery systems caused by dust, shrapnel and fragments originating from the target during laser processing. Optical Surfaces’ debris shields offer a cost effective solution to greatly extending the service life of typically expensive high power laser refractive and reflective optics.

Manufacturing high quality laser debris shields combines the dual demands of producing a precision wavefront on a flexible window with a high diameter to thickness ratio. Working with a wide range of glasses, which offer good homogeneity and transmission from the UV to the Near-IR, Optical Surfaces Ltd. is able to supply laser debris shields of the optimum shape and thickness to suit your laser delivery system and target facing optics.

Optical Surfaces Ltd.’s skilled and experienced craftsmen are able to routinely produce laser debris shields with high surface accuracy / quality (lambda/10 wavefront error and surface finish of 10/5), flatness and parallelism to <1 arc second. Automatic edging and bevelling on debris shields provides diamond edge finishes as per MIL-PRF-13830B, MIL-I-45208 & ISO-10110 specifications. High power laser anti-reflective coatings are available to optimise the transmission of your debris shields. For further information relating to high power laser optics and debris shields please visit www.optisurf.com/index.php/products/flats-and-windows/windows/ or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126 or email sales@optisurf.com.